Saturday, December 31, 2016

Summary of 2016

I have not been posting many articles on my blog for the entire year of 2016.  Yes, I have been too laid back I have to admit 😏.  However, no matter how laid back I can be over the one long year, I will always make it a point to post my last entry of the year before the clock strikes past midnight...yes, that is the ritual of sorts for me.

Looking back at 2016.  The few milestones that I can be proud of should be the Compressport Rail Corridor Run in January and the blueseventy Aquathlon event at Orchid Country Club in July this year.

On Compressport Rail Corridor Run, we were hoping to get 5,000 runners in our inaugural event - our collaboration with Compressport.  Boy, as we shouted more and especially the news from the authority announcing the closure of the green corridor belt for three years due to pipe laying project, we were able to capitalise on it by telling the running community that ours will be the last rail corridor race.  The sign up simply took off like a rocket from there on.  At long last, we were able to garner about 7,500 runners.  In fact the overspill helped a rival event much to our displeasure somewhat 😠.  It was also my first as race announcer entertaining some 7,000 runners who were waiting eagerly to be flagged off.  I really got a high doing that, truly enjoyed the electrifying atmosphere then.

Another outdoor event that I enjoyed most was the inaugural blueseventy Aquathlon event at Orchid Country Club though monetary gain came to naught.  Admittedly, turnout was not to our expectation owing to clash of a similar event on same day.  We had less than 400 but the whole experience was unique for the participants as well as for us, the organisers.  It was our first managing the swim leg where each swimmer took the plunge into the pool at every 10 seconds interval and boy, it turned out well.  It was a personal project with Pekya and in collaboration with blueseventy, our sponsor.

If there is one event I didn't enjoy a bit in 2016, it should be the iWheel For Fun event 👎.  I actually lost interest in the event midway through it; more to do with personality clash with some and I was even prepared to drop it completely had it not for my partner who was persistent all the way - thanks to him actually.  Notwithstanding, we bite the bullet to make sure the event went on without hitches and after that, I just want to put all this saga behind.  Not my kind of event I must say 😅 .

The second edition for OCC 3Ten Run in September this year was another challenging one for us.  Unique because the run was in the golf course but somehow, it just didn't get the hype from the running community.  We tried hard, really hard to promote it and the run event went on and ended well too.  The laying of the plywood over the drain that covers some 4 km within the golf course was a nightmarish experience.  I went back home at about 3 am in the morning after the event, took my 'so called dinner' at the 24-hour McDonald's near home.  Event organiser like us never had it easy sometimes; rather most of the times.          

In between, I have had the opportunity to facilitate some corporate events like Munich Re, Canon Singapore and Hard Rock Cafe.  In fact, Munich Re is my repeat client.  I must be good, right?  If I don't measure up, they won't want me to facilitate the second time, right?  Hmm, I am not humble leh, lavishing praises on my own.  This time I brought the whole team on a cruise vessel and made them swim, run, make up cabin and set up dining table including their CEO 😀 .   Importantly, they had a good time onboard....I win liao lor!

Many friends have predicted 2017 to be one challenging year especially with twitter king, Donald Trump in-charge of the sole superpower.  Dangerous situation if handled badly but guess, everyone is in if it has to happen.  On the contrary, I am looking forward to 2017 with positive hope for some of our events planned for the year.  For starter, we will have our Run For Light 2017 happening on 14 Jan at the iconic Gardens By The Bay.  It is also our first where we will attempt to break the Guinness World Records for the largest resistance band demonstration on the event day.  Wish us luck, people!  Happy New Year to all!!!

Saturday, August 06, 2016

Singapore's National Day

Wow, this is my first post for 2016 and since it is 3 days before our national day, I will write something that relates to our national day (I'll try as I really do not have any specific subject to talk about).

Last year was SG50 and it was celebrated in a big way, given it was our golden jubilee celebration. Alas, the demise of LKY who was at every of our NDP but sadly, he could not celebrate SG50 with us.  This year is SG51 and the celebration may be scaled down compared to last year, I can still feel the NDP mood among us.  Just few days ago, we organised a walk event for Canon Singapore with SG51 celebration in mind too.  The plan was to end the event with a national day song, Count On Me, Singapore to be sang by all.  There was no rehearsal and we just have to sing along which was led by one senior Canon employee.  I immediately felt the patriotism in me when the song was played.  I jumped on the stage and sang my heart out.  I don't sing well but at the spur of moment, I just sang as if there was no tomorrow.  On the floor, there were non Singaporeans too.  The Canon CEO is a Japanese and she was on stage singing along with the rest of us.  With lyrics on hand, they sang along with us.  This national day celebration is not just meant for Singaporeans too, it is also our show of appreciation to the foreigners who live and work here.  I am proud to be a Singaporean.  Happy birthday, Singapore!