Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Something to end year 2008

Year 2008 has been one tumultuous year, the world over and I hope to end the year with this hilarious video clip for all. May 2009 bring prosperity, happiness and longevity to all.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Slide Show on Standard Chartered Marathon 2008

The Standard Chartered Marathon 2008 is the event I have been working hard for the entire year and I am pleased to have achieved the 55 minutes target I have set for the 10km. I did one better by slicing more than 8 minutes from last year's result, achieving 53 mins 34 seconds and my target for 2009 is 42km now. Daunting but I am confident I can achieve it under 6 hours.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2007

This is a 2-minute video clip of me in last year's Standard Chartered Run where I clocked 1 hr 1 min 49 seconds in my first 10 km race. The first part of the video has glimpses of some Singapore's attractions & the 42km winner from Kenya and the humble side of me is shown on the last part (please strain your eyes in picking me up from the crowd, not that difficult I believe).

Monday, December 08, 2008

Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2008

This year Standard Chartered run is my second, did my first last year. I clocked 1 hour 1 min plus in my first 10 km, which to me, was already a pleasant surprise. I did not expect to clock just slightly over 1 hour in that run because I did not do much serious outdoor running prior, mostly on the treadmills and at most 15 mins each time.

My dainty CEO was game enough to attempt 21 km for this year after completing her 10 km last year, asked me to partake with her in that category but I felt I should work to better my own time clocked in 2007 run instead. A goal I had set for myself this year. Still, she earned my admiration for upping her distance while rest of my colleagues who did last year's 10km run incuding me chose to maintain status quo for 2008 run.

The large part of 2008 was mainly indoor training at the gym for me, 15 mins on treadmills (no more, no less) followed by free weight to tone up muscles and the sequence was repeated over 2 or 3 times in a week. Quite frankly, I knew my physical fitness was still not up scratch despite fairly regular training at the gym coz 15 mins on treadmills is not enough to burn calories, let alone building up stamina.

I started to do outdoor running only in September this year when I found someone to run with me - a common interest for the two of us. I did a 6.6 km competitive race sometime in October to gauge how far have I gone as far as my training has taken me. Started first 4 km on good pace, however the last stretch was a struggle for me and finished I did, just barely. I then realised I still have to work hard on my stamina and decided, more outdoor running is a must in my training schedule now.

From September to November, my running partner and I enrolled in some running and walking events and in the process, we stepped up serious training of sorts prior to each event. I did improve on my endurance, so too for my running partner and gradually increased our distance. If not for my running partner, I think I will still stay indoor doing 15 mins running on treadmills (mundance stuff, admittedly).

There is another person I have to thank. He is my colleague, Chua (a seasoned marathoner himself) for pushing me over a longer distance nearer to the race day. His finishing is still a tad lethal than me and for a person competing in the punishing 42 km marathon(not his first), he certainly packs much reserve to last a long long distance. I wonder why running 42 km marathon is just a stroll for him, he is a super human.

Took 2 days leave to ready for this Standard Chartered run on 7 Dec, nothing much to prepare...just relaxing and meeting up some friends, to give myself a piece of mind from work. And I was all ready for the big event of the year.

On the race day, I got up at 5.30 am. Jani came over my place and picked me up at 6 am. Yes, some 50,000 runners expected, the biggest turnout ever. Jani and I tried to move as front as possible (kiasu abit) and finally, after a slight delay, we were flagged off @ about 7.45 am. It was an easy 3km run but the biggest challenge was going the long upslope when we hit the expressway. I had to push my body forward and opened my strides, the slope up was some 1 km long and had already taken a toll on some. At halfway mark (just 5km), I began to feel some strains despite all the training I had and I was thinking, boy...what about those competing in 21km and 42km, they had much longer distance to complete. Pressed on I did, forget about the pain and focussed my attention on one person. I kept reminding myself that I am running this race for her (she couldn't run this year) and this run was meant for her and her only. I maintained steady pace and decided to open up abit towards the last 2km and yes, I was the Padang, the finishing point. About 100 metre to the finishing, I saw the clock showing 53 mins plus, a good time for me and I then decided to garner all the remaining energy in my body, ran as far as I could. In my 100 metre dash, I sped past more runners and took a last look up, it was 53 mins 34 secs. I reckon I should have finished 54 mins and in the process, slicing some 8 mins from the previous best.

My goal of 55 mins has been achieved for this year and I am looking forward to 42 km marathon, come 2009 joining Chua and hopefully some of our colleagues too. Daunting indeed but I am inspired to finish the 42 km.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Another Comedy Act By Gopalan Nair

In order to get out from the doldrums he had created for himself in Singapore, he therefore agreed to plead guilty for insulting our judiciary and also publicly announced that he will delete all the postings on his blogs. Had he not done so, he would have to spend more jail time here and he could ill afford to so, given his badly battered financial situation. And by the way, I read from his blog he is now seeking for donations from public to keep him afloat (no diff to a street beggar, albeit an able-bodied & educated one).

Upon arriving home in the U.S., he immediately announced that he will not delete his postings on his blog and vowed to fight the cause of all Singaporeans from the outside. This is not a joke, an ex Singaporean of dubious background and had failed to win a seat as opposition on many occasions still harbours dream to be our M.P. one day. Ours is only a red dot, he will earn immense recognition if he fights for the people in his second home in the Congress, that is.

The late JBJ earns my greatest admiration and utmost respect though he had not been very successful in his own crusade. His 'never-say-die' spirit fighting for his own political beliefs till he was made bankrupt time & again and never once did he pack up and leave our shore. In Gopalan's case, did he do likewise? If he so strongly believes that Singapore needs a drastic change on the political front, does he need to migrate and yet trying to put his nose in our internal affair? Mr Chiam See Tong is another good example he should emulate. Is Mr Chiam or in Gopalan's case, forced by some 'mystery force' to leave our shore? He is still well & fine though he is not in his pink of health of late, still doing his level best for his ward and winning election on every count. Gopalan, tt is tough to be on the opposing side in Singapore, I totally subscribe to it but to have a say in politics here, you need to fight with your two feet rooted in Singapore. Don't fire blank from outside, you look more comical with your various class acts.

Gopalan Nair, you are already sinking financially chiefly from your own doing, put all the training and experiences you have earned as a lawyer to pull yourself out of doldrums and be a useful American in your new home. For goodness sake, stay out from our affairs.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Trip To Pulau Caras Village

Led by our doctor, Dr Melati who has managed to garner volunteers in Batam and some of our colleagues from Singapore to visit this orphanage located in an island in Barelang (southern tip of Batam) on 16 Nov, Sunday. An hour bumpy boat ride is needed to reach their destination.

This is an initiative by the staff of Batam View in their personal capacity and when words were spread around, many of our colleagues in Singapore willingly chipped in generously. They have managed to raise S$1,050 which were used to purchase necessities for these kids.

Special thanks should go to Dr Melati for initiating this charity drive, Mag & Era for volunteering their time to tend to these kids, Chooi Nee for her untiring effort in getting the donations from our colleagues (her sweet smile did the trick though, on the guys) and all the unsung heroes shown in the pictures.

Charity begins at home and it is really heartening our little efforts have given hopes to these underprivileged kids. We hope we can do more as they deserve a chance to be loved too.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Political Ambition of Tan Kin Lian Is Clear Now

With the recent High Notes saga still not completely over yet, the unofficial ‘spokesperson’ for the affected High Notes investors at Speakers’ Corner in Hong Lim Park has finally revealed his political ambition in today’s Sunday Times and quite frankly, I am not the least surprised at all.

I am no savvy investor or the ignorant one but the economic instability especially the abrupt collapse of Lehman Brothers did make me pay a little more attention to the saga. Prior to that, the name Tan Kin Lian was complete alien to me though he was once the CEO of government-owned NTUC Income and his meteoric rise in recent times, did raise an eyebrow or two. Had Tan not readily volunteered his 'voice' to the aggrieved investors in this tumultuous period, will our MAS not act to protect the interest of these investors? I believe MAS, as a responsible authority will still act to protect the genuinely affected investors, with or without Tan's timely intervention.

I was sharing a casual lunch time conversation with my colleagues recently and out of curiosity, probed the real motive of this kind soul, Tan Kin Lian who had offered help/counseling to the aggrieved investors voluntarily and after some ‘high-powered’ discussion among ourselves, I did conclude then, with suspicious mind though (admittedly) that this man must be aiming for something beyond this saga; a political ambition. Spot on, I am right with my prediction of him this time(have never been making many right predictions in most of my adult life) but at the same time, wrong for he had publicly announced he is keen to be the President, the highest office of our land and not as Member of Parliament – many levels up, man!

Why I viewed him with suspicions? Well, he was once the high flyer himself with NTUC Income then, left the office (did he resign or what, I wonder?) and now started to lend his voice when the Lehman boo-boo erupted. From reading the Sunday Times today, I understand he was once the PAP’s stalwart, was actively involved in grassroots’ activities but he seems to sing a different tune now. Not one glove but two gloves seemed to be out now.

Riding on his new found fame, he now said that he needs to see 100,000 signatures endorsing him as the next Presidential candidate before making a final decision, President or not. Prior to this, had a decision been long made already? Only he can answer it himself.

Mr Tan, with no disrespect to you but until I have fully convinced myself that you are the selected one for the highest office of the land in the coming future, that one vote from me is still not forthcoming. My apology, I can’t help viewing you with suspicion of sorts and while there’s plenty of time to the next election, please prove me wrong.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Nair, Hero or Simply Stupid?

I don't know know this person, Gopalan Nair personally but I detest enough to pen my thought of him on my blog. In recent times, he has been making wave here, one after another since he had openly challenged our judiciary in his 'protected' & deemed to be safe capacity as a second class American citizen. He felt injustice of sorts inflicted on the infamous Chees siblings' recent court tussel here, therefore decided to play hero the way he thinks any American will do. And by the way, he was a former Singaporean who was educated in the world-renowned, Raffles Institution and under our rigid education system, he became a lawyer (no thanks though). But having failed to secure a seat in parliament in as many tries under Workers Party's banner then (a great relief to us), he reckoned he is better off holding Uncle Sam's passport.

Challenged he did, so openly on his blog and even announcing his hotel room number just to make sure our ever efficient police could find him quick enough to press charges against him for all the slanderous statements made publicly, not one time, not two times but many times over. Perhaps, he thought his government, the big brother of the world (they are more concerned with global economic issues than paying 2-hood to this dude) would step in in event he is 'wrongly' sentenced for his 'heroic' act; for democratic cause; for freedom cause or more so; the Chee Soon Juan's cause. Fat hope lor, all that I can say now.

He is now made to eat humble pie now that he has to make an unreserved apology for the offending statments on our judiciary and our judges. I just wonder, as a seasoned lawyer he is, how stupid can he be to challenge our courts without basis and then, retracted all back.

I feel I should do my small part to have his picture shown on my blog to tell my friends that there is such a stupid creature, highly educated but utterly stupid still around in this world.

Nair, our Changi Prison does not have the same comfort or luxury as the one you used to patronise in the U.S. and further, it is a waste of our taxpayers' money to feed another foreigner (ex Singaporean) like you. Go home, join Republican and fight Democrat or vice-versa, just be a good American...that's all I am asking you now.

My New Hairdos

My friend who is neither a hairstylist nor barber, concern perhaps has taken the trouble to create some new hair-dos for me and if my crowning glory still allowed, I would go for my 1968 style. However, after so many years, I should maintain status quo...sigh!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Nongsa Cup - 2 to 3 Nov 2008

The Nongsa Cup is an annual affair and it is the initiative of Batam View Beach Resort, Turi Beach, Palm Springs Golf and Tering Bay Golf incepted in year 2006.

This year Nongsa Cup had received tremendous response, only 144 golfers were accepted and many were politely rejected. We have had more sponsors for this year than the previous years, recession or not. Some 90 prizes to be given away as lucky draw, most golfers walked away with at least one prize.

Golfers played two rounds of 18-hole games @ Palm Spring and Tering Bay and accommodated @ Batam View or Turi Beach.

Nongsa Cup is the golf event of each calendar year now.

Three cheers to the organising committee for the great job...hip hip hip, hooray x 3!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ladies Rule!

Dainty she may look but guys out there, try challenging her to a 5 km run if you dare...for she packs a lethal finishing to the tape. And she is none other than Winnie - my running partner.

This morning GE run (26 Oct, Sunday on a Deepavali holiday) organised by Great Eastern for all the fitness conscious ladies was for a charitable purpose and proceeds to the cancer cause. Two events, the competitive 10 km was flagged off @ 0730 hrs and the fun 5 km run flagged off one hour later @ 0830 hrs. More than 5,000 runners participated in each event and in all more than 10,000 female runners from all walks of lives. It was cloudy of sorts but not likely to rain any moment though, cooling enough to say the least.

After the flagged off for the 5 km @ slightly over 0830 hrs near the Esplanade, I slowly inched my way to the finishing point at the Padang. Got myself a vantage point slightly away from the finishing line, carefully timed my watch for in half an hour time, I should be watching out for Winnie making a dash to the finishing line. Thinking I should not have a problem picking her up with my perfect eyesight (save for my 老花眼) but I was proven wrong. Almost 40 mins had passed, many sped past but still no sign of her and I wondered why. Suddenly, I felt a push on my bag which I slinged in one arm and surprise, surpise, she was standing behind me looking gay and not a tinge of tiredness shown at all. She had her drink at the finishing point, rested for a while but did not see me anywhere around. She then decided to make a slight de-tour and spot-on she found me still cranking my neck looking out for her. She had finished a creditable time of 36 mins plus and in the process, beating alot of youngsters along the way. What a finish, man. She could have even finished a sub 35 mins timing had it not for the big crowd that slowed everyone to a crawl at the starting point. All the training and hard sweat did not disappoint in the end.

One down to end the year on a high and we'll be gearing up for longer distance come next year. Kudos to you, Winnie!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Gathering of Some Ex CIASers

(Jeannie on the far right & Irene seated behind her. Ada is just behind me and further back, Dion)

The much awaited get-together of long lost colleagues dated back during our airport days in the swinging 80s finally took place at Sakura Orchard recently. As it was a lunch gathering, a pity many of our former colleagues could not make it due to prior work commitments.

Well, yours truly me, so happened to be the only thorn among the roses, an honour indeed! We certainly have had good conversation, and much catching up. Oh yes, I have not met Irene for at least some good 20 years (not to be reminded of our age though), she is still keeping that cool look & suffice to say, pretty enuf and this is probably thanks to CX for their fine grooming of their cabin crew. We have the unmistakable sweet smile of Dion (ex Mary) who, by the way is a hairstylist and a boss herself still reminds me of that young & chatty lady at the airport then. Regrettably, she won't get to do my business for reason I don't have to divulge much from my physical appearance, obvious right? And there is this petite Jeannie who is in spa & facial business now, glowing as usual but the sternness in her disposition has waned over the years, not totally though. Finally, the forever young looking Ada Goh, who now has all the time in the world to contemplate what job to do after serving CX diligently all these years. Trust me Ada, service line is still for your taking as your expertise is certainly sought after. I am still me, nothing much to comment and I hope ex comrades like Daniel, Ang Kok Chye, Alfred, Evelyn Tan, Annie Wong, Barry Sim, our ex boss Michael Ng, Sylvia Cheong, Clifford Gabriel, Ismail Kassim, Brian Pereira and those I have missed out due to no faults of mine could join us in another dinner gathering in the not so far future.

Always nice to catch up with old old friends and colleagues for old time sake lah.

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Blind Girl On The Piano

This young Korean toddler is just 5 years of age, born blind who is adopted by a kind childless couple but the amazing talent in music she has in her is simply unbelievable. She really touched the hearts of many, I am moved just by watching this video. She is a gem.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Two Races In Six Days

Ran two races in six days, the 4km 'Run For Hope' on 5 Oct organised by the National Cancer Society and the 6.6km Maritime Nautical Run this morning by Maritime Port Authority (MPA). Both two races were held at East Coast Lagoon. While the former was mainly a social run for the cancer charity fund raising, the latter was more competitive in every aspect.

Both events were held in the morning, flagged off at about 0800 hrs. The weather on 5 Oct was so cool, quite cloudy though. It was a relaxing affair for me, I did not have to go all out to complete the 4km race in my best time as I was pacing my running partner, WK who was running in such race for the first time. The weather, though threatening to rain had held out well throughout the race. The run was not exhaustive for me but still sweat poured easily. WK, in only 3 practices prior to this run had never covered more than 4km in one go but in this race, she was able to hold her own till the end. What a finish it was, lesser than 30 mins it took and best of all, among the early batch of runners too. Oh yes, rain came after the race. By then, we had a hearty breakfast in Holland V.

The Singapore Nautical Run was actually a last minute entry for me. Yesterday evening, Chua called me to replace one of his colleagues who had taken ill. He needed to find two replacements. Unable to get the last replacement at this hour, he summoned his school going son, just 13 year-old to fill up the big shoes of an adult. Poor son of his, have to do his father's bidding and what a tough father he is. The participants were mostly from the maritime industry competing either in individual or team event. Ours was a team event under BatamFast, comprising a team of 6 persons. Flagged off at 0815 hrs by Transport Minister Raymond, the heat from the morning sun was already felt. I shot off leaving my team chasing, opened my pace and was holding well for at least 4km. Paul, the angmoh MD of BatamFast was just behind me throughout and slowly but surely, he sped past me. Certainly, he is the fitter one. The morning heat, unlike the last Sun race, was getting into me by now. I decided not to push myself too much, pulled to a halt and started walking. After a short breather, I continued running. I still have 2km left but it seemed like eternity to me, coupled with the unforgiving heat not wanting to go away. I stopped for 2 more times to re-charge and finally, with the ending within sight, I drew out all my energy to dash past the finishing line. It was slighly over half an hour, not a bad time for an old man like me. The only one finished ahead of me in my team was Paul, he was waiting for him at the finishing line and not long later followed by Chua and the rest of the pack. Admittedly, this run was by far the toughest and longest this year despite all the training, mostly on the treadmills. I reckon, I still have to work hard on my stamina. This serves as a litmus test to my ultimate challenge for year 2008, the 10km Stanchart run in December and 55 mins, though daunting remains my target.

All friends, wish me luck.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Jogging @ Bedok Reservior (勿洛蓄水池)

This message is specially written for New Century's staff.

Located in the eastern part of Singapore, the shoreline of Bedok Reservoir (indicated in red marking, our running route) is 4.3km which has an average depth of 9 m. It is a man-made reservoir completed in year 1986 in Bedok New Town then. This reservoir has indeed come a long way since; in recent years we have had witnessed a series of international water sporting events initiated by Singapore Sports Council.

One of the popular jogging venues around, come 31 Oct, Friday it will be our company's health activity for the month. A fast & fit runner can cover the 4.3 km well under 20 mins but an average one can easily complete one round within half an hour, with minutes to spare even. If running is too daunting for some, fret not...for leisure walking around the reservoir can still be covered in an hour. Whatever activity one may choose, there's always something for everyone.

Those who have signed up for the year end Stanchart Marathon but have yet commenced any form of training due to busy schedule, you can well consider taking one bold step forward. Remember, the key to confidence building is finishing the race, never mind how much it takes to complete. Nothing is too daunting as long as one's mind is set to finish the task ahead.

Hope to see active participations in this activity!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Tribute to JBJ

The sudden demise of Joshua Benjamin Jeyaratnam, better known by many as JBJ has saddened me somewhat. He was a truly opposition member in every sense, a never-say-die fighter to the end. He lost in as many court rulings, bankrupted & discharged and bankrupted again & finally discharged but he had never wavered during these trying periods. I missed seeing him sparring verbally in the wake of much stronger opponents in Parliament, a lone voice but fiesty he certainly was.

I remember vividly, despite his advanced age, he was always seen standing outside the entrance of Centrepoint selling his books to the walking public assisted by his only ardent supporter, Ng Teck Siong who is the Chairman of newly formed Singapore Reform. A sorry sight, to say the least.

He formed Singapore Reform in the hope to put forth his voice in parliament one day but with his passing away, I do not think anyone in the opposition ward could fill the big shoes he had left behind.

While he may not have created much of an impact in Singapore's short political history and many younger Singaporeans may not have heard or remembered him, nonetheless, he was the true son of Singapore who had held his beliefs into his twilight years.

Rest in peace, JBJ!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Our Paralympians Make Us Proud

Foreign talents aside, paralympians like Yip Pin Xiu and Laurentia Tan have certainly made our red dot shinning bright in the international sporting arena. Both young ladies have won a combined 4 medals, a gold, a silver & 2 bronzes in the last Beijing Paralympics games. What makes this even sweeter for us is that both are Singapore born, they are true blue Singaporeans to say the least. Their achievements have inspired many future able-bodied Singapore Olympians that winning more Olympic medals in the many years to come can be made possible with one hundred & one percent dedication coupled with plenty of hard work & sacrifices.

Yip Pin Xiu who is only 16 years of age and suffering from muscular dystrophy is already making plan to repeat her golden feat in 2012 London Paralympics. While we know, it is a daunting task for her given her physical condition, however her commitment to the love of her sport, i.e. swimming and performing her best is beyond word of description. Excellent befits her best. I hope to see her excel in swimming for the longest time ever. Go Pin Xiu for uncle me will be rooting for you and so too for the rest.

Big cheers to the Singapore Paralympians!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Small Nation With Big Dream!

In his National Rally speech touching briefly on the Olympics, PM Lee mentioned that the large population of China is about 300 times of us and theoretically speaking, it would take China to win 300 medals before Singapore has a chance for just one precious medal of any colour or type. Notwithstanding in the last Beijing Olympics, it's all thanks to the foreign talents, the likes of Li Jia Wei & company that enabled us to win the elusive silver medal in the women's table tennis team event after 48 years waiting never mind the fiascos within the fratenity. Ours is a small country, some 3 million are true bred Singaporeans to be exact. Do we have to wait for another 48 years to win an Olympics medal? And hopefully this time, by a Singapore-born Singaporean.

The king of sprinter of all times, Bolt hailed from Jamaica, which has a population base smaller than us, 2.5 million to be exact. Bolt broke the 100 metre & 200 metre records in astonishing time and above that, the Jamaican women's team, came in 1st, 2nd & 3rd in the 100 metre. Jamaica is one, Croatia and New Zealand with lesser population base than us have produced world beaters too.

Save for sports, we have had achieved many firsts on the economic frontier since independence. Dare to dream big, Singapore and even without foreign talents, we will one day achieve success in the sporting arena of the world! I am rooting for our country to continue to work hard, if not much harder to win more Olympics medals. Nothing is impossible for impossible is nothing!

Friday, August 08, 2008

It's The Eve of SIN's 43rd Birthday

Hooray, Singapore will be celebrating her 43rd birthday on 9 August. Wishing my country a happy & prosperous birthday and may SIN continue to shine as a red dot. One people, one nation, one Singapore...

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Public Transport in KL

It's been a long while since my last post on my blog, have a sudden urge to pen my thought.

Most Singaporeans tend to complain the slightest hiccups about our public transportation; taxi, bus or MRT, you name it. Was in Kuala Lumpur recently, would like to comment on the public transportation there. For starter, the taxi fare is much cheaper than SIN but some ignorant commuters might end up paying much more for a short ride if not careful. A friend and I tried to board a waiting cab at the taxi stand in Bukit Bintang, we were quoted RM35 to go to a nearby destination. Of course, we declined his 'generous' offer, instead chose to hail a moving cab. Within minutes, we got a cab based on meter charge and we ended paying only RM15 for the ride, a big saving for us. To be fair to the cab drivers in Malaysia, not all are the unscrupulous sorts, I have met some honest & friendly ones too.

Here in SIN, our MRT and LRTs are interlinked which is god-send. LRT & Monorail in KL are privately owned by different companies and they do not have a common card like our EZILINK cards which allow commuters to switch from a station to another station without the need to clear out and re-board. In KL, commuter has to get out from one rival LRT station, walk a distance to another rival station, buy a fresh ticket and then re-board. Suffice to say, Malaysians are quite a contented sort but if it is in SIN, the heads of the honchos in the public transport sector will roll first.

Another funny situation I'd just witnessed while travelling in the cab, a driver of a sleek air-con public bus was smoking & happily driving away. His commuters must have inhaled so much of the cigarette smoke to make any complaint, I reckon. In SIN, we would complain that our SBS drivers are rude, not helpful but never once had I witnessed our SBS or TIBS drivers smoking away while on duty call.

Talk about difficulty in getting a cab during peak hour, try getting one in KL for the experience for I just encountered one in my last trip. After dinner with my friend and his wife in PJ area, it was about 6.30 pm and I intended to head back to my hotel. My Malaysia friend told me that he will bring me to a nearby taxi stand as chances of landing one should be good, so he claimed. We waited and waited, one empty cab finally stopped at the kiosk, I happily walked over to the cab driver. It drew a blank when I said I am heading back to KL, he refused to take me knowing too well the traffic jam during that hour. Finally, we decided to head to my friend house to try booking a cab instead. We called few taxi companies but we were kept waiting for eternity, there was simply none at all. After many frantic calls, we finally got a cab and it was already well past 9 pm.

If we complain too much about our public transporation here, I wonder those who do not own a car in KL have to stomach all the woes in their public transporation and knowing too well, complaint after complaint can never resolve the big issue. Come to think of it, Singaporean are indeed a pampered lot.

Monday, February 25, 2008

It's Bollywood Nite @ BRF

Unveiling the two contestants vying for the coveted Ms Bollywood of BRF title, wonder who's the winner?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Birthday Celebration With 2 Babes

It was my 46th birthday on 12 Feb lah. It was so nice of Sabrina and Mandy, my two favourite babes to buy me dinner @ Crystal Jade on my birthday. Rare chance to have two hot babes to celeberate birthday with an old man, how not to miss out man! Anway, thanks alot to the two of them and I'll never forget this special moment.

Me and the cake and that little candle.

That's Mandy. Come to think of it, are we compatible or not? Hmm...

That sweet little thing is Sabrina in her new hairdo but I still prefer her with long hair though. By the way, it's my own opinion hor but it's Jeremy's opinion that matters most lah.

The King and his ahem....No.1 & No.2, well in my dream lor!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Company Christmas Party

This is my A-team from New Century Tours & Batam View Sales at the last company's Christmas Party. It's me in the centre, save for the hair the chap in white with the peace sign. The one on my right is Irene Tan, sexy right? She's still available if any guy is keen to know her more. On my left is Pak Jani, think I'm 1 mm taller than him but he's abit better looking than me (on picture only). In the front row, it's Charlotte on the far left. Quiet by nature but she is already taken liao, sorry guys! Har, next to her is Penny. Meticulous to a fault, I can always rely on her to handle any task without sweat. On the far right, some say she looks like an actress from Hongkong (sorry, can't remember the name of that actress - not the popular one) and her name is Gloria. Ya, next to her is the mama of the group. Young at heart and the live-wire, it's Magdalene who, sometimes speaks with an Aussie twang.